The Advantages of Installing Chain Link Fences

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Chain link fences are simple solutions that drive lots of great benefits. Also known as wire-mesh, wire netting, diamond-mesh or hurricane fence, chain-link fences use material woven from galvanized steel wire or from wire coated with low-density polyethylene, with the wires running vertically and being hooked to form the well-known diamond pattern.

Despite the wide variety of fencing materials available today, chain-link has been the go-to solutions for surrounding smaller and larger territories for over a century – here are some of the features and benefits that account for that popularity.


Chain link is currently among the most affordable fencing materials available today. The material’s cost-efficiency is one of the reasons why commercial and residential decision makers prefer chain-link to any other material, especially for areas that are not directly visible from the street and for large territories, where aesthetic appeal takes second place after functionality on the list of priorities.

Strength and Security

Chain link is suitable for building tall fences of almost any length – provided that the posts are sturdy enough, chain-link fences can be used to provide security for plots of any size. The material owes its strength to the special wires and the special weaving technique. Steel wire is a very strong material in itself, the strength being further enhanced by the hooking that creates the diamond pattern from the lines. The superior security offered by the material, it is the most common choice for airports, military bases as well as for farms and correctional facilities – all of them places that need superior security.


Steel is among the most durable materials used in construction. The high-quality, galvanized or coated steel used for making chain-link is preferred for many applications due to its long lifespan – chain-link fences can look like new even after decades of usage. The material’s special structure lets high winds pass through the diamond-shaped holes without damaging the fence.

Varied Design

While all chain link fences are made from wires that are hooked together at regular distances, not all of them feature the same pattern. The material is also available in many colors – the galvanized versions are more commonly available in silver, but other colors, such as green, blue, brown and grey are also easy to find and the coated versions also come in lots of different hues. Galvanized versions are also paintable, so you can change the color of your fence whenever you want.

Quick Installation and Easy Repair

Chain-link material usually comes in large rolls of the width necessary for creating the fence of the desired height. The only thing that you need for installing your chain-link fence is the poles that keep the chain-link in place – you will need to install the poles first, making sure that they are planted firmly into the ground, after which you can fasten the chain-link material between the poles.

The best chain link fences Denver companies offer practically require no maintenance. When a section of the fence gets damaged, it is simply cut out and replaced with a new piece of material, that’s all it takes to repair a chain-link fence.