Why Consider A Used Mini Excavator Rather Than New

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If your construction or landscaping company is currently in need of a mini excavator and you are weighing your options, the two basic categories of equipment to choose from are pre-owned machines and brand-new ones, straight from the factory. Here are some of the most important benefits of purchasing a used machine.


Like it is the case with any piece of equipment, used items are much cheaper than new ones. A new excavator loses around 10-20% of its value the minute it leaves the factory, which means that a mini excavator that has run only for a couple of months and has hardly been exposed to any wear and tear is available for a price much lower than when it was turned on for the very first time. Considering the current pricing trend and not forgetting that the biggest depreciation happens during the first year in the life of the machine, you can expect to buy a mini excavator that is slightly over three years old for a price that is around 40-45% lower than the price of the same model purchased as new.

Pieces Of Equipment That Are as Good as New

The market of secondhand mini excavators is incredibly varied, offering you a wide variety of brands as well as models belonging to different generations and equipped with a variety of accessories. You should know that mini excavators are incredibly sturdy pieces of equipment, able to endure a lot, which also means that a properly maintained excavator can almost completely unaffected by the hard work that it does for a long time after it leaves the manufacturer’s factory. Buying a secondhand excavator will give you the same performance or almost the same performance as you can enjoy, should you order your machine from the manufacturer.

A Wide Variety of Models to Choose From

The manufacturers of mini excavators release only a couple of new models each year. The market of used machines, on the other hand, comprises a much wider variety, allowing you to pick the model of secondhand machine that fits into your budget and that meets your expectations and terms of features and performance as well.

No Bells and Whistles

Excavator manufacturers invest a lot of money and energy into developing new features to include into their products, such as complex digital interfaces, GPS tracking and others, that usually increase the complexity of their new products. If you are looking for a used mini excavator for sale Colorado based MTC Equipment confirms that buying a used piece of equipment will allow you to get only the features that you need, without forcing you to pay a lot for a machine with features that are sophisticated, but that you might not need or use at all.

More Experience to Rely On

Buying a secondhand excavator will also give you the benefit of having a time-tested machine. If you have found the model that seems suitable for what you need, but you want more information, you have a much wider pool of customer reviews to rely on, that way you can have more peace of mind that the machine you purchase will give you the performance that you need, indeed.