Why Hire A Roofing Company To Remove Snow From Your Roof

While the removal of snow from your roof might seem like a simple and straightforward task, in fact it is everything but. Each year, we hear stories about severe injuries suffered by homeowners who decided to remove the snow from their roof all by themselves and we also hear stories of roofing severely damaged during the process of snow removal performed by amateurs. Here are some reasons why you should turn to a Lakewood roofing company next winter when the blanket of snow on your roof seems too thick and you want to relieve your roof from all that weight.


Snow removal can be dangerous – if you need to do it standing on the roof, the process poses the risks of slipping and falling and the process of doing it standing on the ground is dangerous as well. The health risks involved include not only slipping and falling off the roof or falling through the hole caused on the roof by a wrong step – you can get a sprained ankle or end up not being to straighten your back in an instant. If you want to make sure that the procedure is handled in complete safety, you need to turn to professionals – Lakewood roofers possess the right type of safety equipment and they also how to use those pieces of gear.

Process safety in the case of snow removal includes the measures taken to preserve the integrity of the roof as well – professional roofers know exactly how to move around on the roof and how to use the snow removal tools, such the roof rake, safely, without damaging the roof.

Lakwood roofing pros remove snow


Lakewood roofing professionals have extensive experience with any roof-related process, including winter cleaning and the tools that they use for the process are also more efficient than the amateur tools that most homeowners would use. Professional roofers will also be able to choose the snow removal method that is the most adequate for your roof as well as the tools that work best for the method, the results being faster cleaning and less mess.

The Efficient Removal of Ice Build-ups

Professional snow removal services usually include the removal of ice dams as well. The long icicles that form on the edge of your roof or on your gutters are heavy and not easy to remove – if you try to grab them and pull them off, you risk causing severe damage to the gutters as well as to the roof. Professional roofers know how to handle the delicate process correctly – they will use the right technique to loosen the icicles and to detach them from the roof edge or from the rim of your gutter without harming the structure.

Rates Worth Every Penny

Most roofers charge very affordable rates for snow removal. If you consider the expense as a small investment into the safety of your household as well as into the longevity of your roof, you will see that hiring a roofer to get that snowy burden off your roof is worth it.