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A Better Crane can provide companies with the equipment necessary to set up a practical exam site. Below is a description of the equipment required for each crane. These kits can be completed and trucked to the company site prior to the scheduled exam dates.

Barrels: Mobile Crane sites must have three empty steel barrels. A spare barrel must be available in case of damage to any of the barrels during the test.

Pole: The Zigzag Corridor is composed of a PVC pole barrier with one tennis ball placed on top of each pole. The mobile test site equipment kit provides 42 poles, bases and tennis balls. Each pole has the top twelve inches painted red.

Bases: Each pole must be mounted to a base made of plywood or other approved material. Each test site equipment kit provides enough bases for each pole.

Plywood Circles:  Each barrel must be on a 4 x 4 ft. Sheet of CDX plywood that has a painted circle.

Test Weights: Each Mobile crane requires a test weight based on 2-4 ft diameter and weight that is generally determined from the maximum permissible line pull on the top layer of the drum. Tower and Overhead Crane test weights must be 3 ft. in diameter and weigh between 1,500 - 2,000 lbs. The test weights can be made to allow ballast to be added or removed.

Chains: The Mobile Practical Exam requires a 3 ft, 3/8 inch chain that is used for Task #1. A second 3 ft, 3/8 inch chain is attached to the middle of the test weight for Task #4. The Tower Crane test weight requires four (4) 3 ft, 3/8 inch chains, that are detachable. The Overhead Crane test weight has a single 3 ft, 3/8 inch chain hanging from bottom center of test weight.
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